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My first steps in blogging started in July 2013, when through articles I was trying to highlight the problems of my city, while at the same time was trying to reflect and inform my readers on everyday issues.

As a springboard for my conversion to the pure travel part, there was a specific event in March 2017. One of those nights when you can't sleep and your only companion is TV, I stumbled upon a documentary. It was talking about a man who, after being diagnosed with an incurable disease and informed by doctors for just one month's life expectancy, decided to fulfill his dream, which was to travel around the world. This was a powerful "shaking" for me, making me realize more than ever, the value of the fulfillment of our dreams and how we must never leave for tomorrow what we can do today.

In charge of the will, the passion and the energy to pursue my dream, I started to browse in the countries of the world with a backpack on the shoulders and a camera, starting from the most tourist, reaching the point of fill many pins on my map today. Every journey filled me with experiences and images, so many and great, that I couldn't keep them just for myself anymore, but I wanted to share them!

So I started writing about my travels, at first more timidly and then with greater consistency and zeal, until all this crossed the boundaries of a simple blog and now needed a new "home". The othessalonikios.gr was created to inform and to help aspiring travelers to organize their journey, and to inspire people to chase their dreams, just like me.

Let's travel together!

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I am Pantelis or as the title of the blog testifies "O Thessalonikios". If you also have a passion for travel, then you are in the right place. My goal is to be able to see the 237 countries of our planet and my purpose to give you information that I gained from my travels. 

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